Hi, I’m Jena 

Founder + Creative Director @ Jena’s Web

I’m a design loving, web geek who helps online service providers like you have a strategy-led website you can feel proud of!

Fun facts about me:

🤓    I’m a mum of 2 gorgeous kids (so I run off coffee!)

🤓    I’m a life long learner & will readily jump at the opportunity of a new training course!

🤓    I have a background in graphic design, marketing, finance & training business courses (yep, you can tell I like learning!)

Why work with us?


You’ll get a client-centred approach with amazing service! Your website will reflect your brand & speak to your ideal clients

Reliable Web Partner

More than a web designer, you’ll get a web partner dedicated to working with you long term to achieve your goals. We genuinely love small business & will be your #1 cheerleader in business!

We are Ready

We are ready to take on any project size – when required, my network of designers join in to help get it done!