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110 Customisable Branding Kits for Professional, Polished Results

With 110 brand identities to choose from, creating a beautiful logo and branding for your start-up small business is a breeze…and you won’t need to shell out tons of money for a designer or spend hours trying to do it yourself! Just download, customise and launch – it’s that easy!

Instantly Brand Your Business!

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you want to launch your business quickly and start making money yesterday!

But you also know you need a professional identity that sets you apart from the competition.

That could be the difference between a successful online business…and having to go back to the 9-to-5 grind.

That’s why I sell the Instant Identity Branding Kit!

Hi, I’m Jena!

Website Designer + Digital Strategist

I decided to offer the Instant Identity Branding Kit so that you can have a polished, professional brand that conveys the message you want to send – without spending a fortune on a designer or months (or years!) developing it on your own…only to feel like you’re “missing the mark.”

I want you to launch your business quickly and confidently, without all the design overwhelm.

You don’t have to settle for a “DIY” brand that looks…well, DIY.

I made the Instant Identity Branding Kit affordable so that everyone has access to a brand that reflects the true essence of your business — without going into debt or taking on additional financial stress.

Here’s What’s Included:


The Instant Identity Branding Kit is just that — everything you need to brand your business like a pro in minutes, including:

  • 110 templates for your logo trio (Main logo, Alternative logo & submark)
  • Colour Palettes that range from flirty to edgy, from sophisticated to sassy
  • Font Pairings that are easy to read and look great on your website or social media
  • A Mood board with stock photos to help you get inspired


✨ Bonus: Instant stress relief because your brand is done to perfection and you’re ready to launch! (Value = Priceless!)

Who Is the Instant Identity Brand Kit For?

The Instant Identity Brand Kit is for start-ups who want to launch their businesses quickly, with a polished and professional brand that conveys the message they want to send.

The kit is perfect for online service providers like:

  • Coaches
  • Therapists
  • Consultants
  • Virtual assistants
  • Course creators
  • Copywriters
  • Social Media Managers
  • Bloggers
  • And any other online service provider!

Each design offers a unique look-and-feel. Some are modern, some are classic, some are feminine, some are rustic — so you can choose the one that perfectly represents your small business!

No matter what online services you offer, the Instant Identity Brand Kit will help you put your best foot forward and make a great first impression on your dream clients.


Q: Why should I buy the Instant Identity Brand Kit instead of other branding options?
A: The Instant Identity Brand Kit includes everything you need to brand your business like a pro in minutes — and at a fraction of the price of hiring a designer!

Each design is built with online service providers in mind (virtual assistants, Social Media Managers, coaches, copywriters, etc.) so you can be confident that your new logo will resonate with your target market.

Q: How is your product delivered?

A:  As soon as you purchase, you’ll receive the links to the pre-built Canva templates, so you can get started on your new branding right away! 

Q: How long do I have access for?
A: The Instant Identity Brand Kit comes with lifetime access. Even if you decide not to use your branding for years, you’ll still have access to the templates down the road or if you decide to re-brand.
Q: Can I trademark the logo?
A: No. Because the elements in each design can be used by anyone who buys the Instant Identity Brand Kit, the final product is not eligible for trademark.
Q: Do I need Canva Pro?
A: No! These templates work with the free version of Canva, so you can brand your business as affordably as possible!
Q: Can I use this to create logos for my clients?
A: Your purchase entitles you to use this template for one business only. You can use it for your own business, but you cannot create products with it for your clients. They will need to purchase their own license.

Check “branding” off your to-do list today!

The Instant Identity Brand Kit takes the guesswork out of branding. It’s everything you need to create a cohesive, professional look for your online business —  Just download, customize and launch – it’s that easy!