Have you been thinking about a website redesign? Your website is the public face of your online business, and it needs to make a good impression. Having an outdated, unengaging website can not only turn off customers but also cost you potential leads and sales. So how can you tell if it’s time for a redesign? Here are five signs that now is the time to give your website a facelift.


When do you know it’s time to spruce up your website? Here are five telltale signs that a revamp is due:


Your Website Looks Dated Compared to Your Competitors

The internet moves fast these days, so if your website looks like something from another era compared to those of your competitors, then it may be time for a refresh. Websites with modern design elements and graphics can help you stand out from the competition and attract more visitors.


Your Website Doesn’t Work Properly On Mobile 

If you currently have an outdated website check if it offers reliable navigation on smaller screens such as mobile & tablets. With a large amount of website traffic now coming from smartphones and other devices you could be losing out on potential leads. Have you ever gone to a website & you couldn’t close the pop up on mobile? Or the all important buy now button was cut off the screen & wasn’t working when you clicked? Trust me, I’ve seen this happen too many times with outdated websites. If this is yours, it’s definitely a sign that a redesign is needed.


You’re Not Getting the Results You Want From Your Website

If you’re not getting enough leads, sales, or signups from your website, then there may be an issue with its design or content that needs to be addressed. A good conversion-focused web designer can evaluate your current website and provide feedback on how they could improve its performance with a redesign.


Since Launching Your Original Website, You’ve Made Significant Changes to Your Business or Product/Service Offering

As businesses grow and evolve over time, their websites should reflect those changes too. If you have changed your business model or product/service offerings since launching your original website but haven’t updated it accordingly, then it’s probably time to update your website to reflect our current offerings.


Your Branding Has Changed Over Time

Branding is an important part of any business’s identity—it helps create recognition and trust among current and potential customers alike . If you have made significant changes to your branding since launching your original website (i.e., changed logo design, updated font choices), then it may be time for an update as well! A redesign can help ensure that all of your online assets are in alignment with one another and consistent across platforms. In addition, you may like to use this brand consistency cheat sheet to make sure all your marketing assets are easily recognizable as your brand.




Your Website Is No Longer Sparking You Joy

Our final sign that it’s time for a rebrand or redesign? If you simply don’t love looking at your own website anymore! After all, if YOU don’t love what you see when you visit your own site—why would anyone else? A fresh look is often just what’s needed to breathe new life into an otherwise stale page!


Final Thoughts

Do any of these resonate with you? If so, then now might be the perfect time for a website redesign—and luckily there are plenty of professionals who specialise in web design who can help bring your vision to life! With their help (and maybe some input from our list above), you’ll soon have an amazing new site that both YOU and potential customers will love!


If you’re unsure where to begin, hiring a conversion-focused web designer is a great way to ensure you get the best results. Click here to learn more about my website services and how we can work together!



Jena is a WordPress web designer who specializes in creating beautiful websites incorporating digital marketing strategy for online service providers. She is based in Bunbury, Western Australia & works with clients all around the globe. 


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