So you can finally tick those website, tech & marketing tasks off your to-do list!

Ever find yourself drowning in the sea of endless tech overwhelm, website edits you wish would happen themselves and marketing tasks that you never get around to? 

It’s a common struggle, and we get it. That’s why our VIP Day service exists! 

Imagine a day where those lingering tasks that haunt your to-do list vanish efficiently, leaving you with the time and peace of mind you deserve. No more waiting, no more stress – just a streamlined, effortless solution to your website and marketing woes.

So what is a VIP Day? 

Imagine having a dedicated expert at your side, ready to tackle your website  & marketing tasks in just a day. From lightning-fast WordPress edits and blog uploads to seamless integration of email marketing tools, we specialize in making your web worries disappear. 

✨  Need some sales pages added to your website? Let’s get it done in a day!

✨  Need eye-catching graphics and lead magnets? Consider it done! I LOVE this stuff!

✨  Need a thrivecart sales funnel set up? Yes, I can do this too! 

This intensive session is all about YOUR needs, ensuring you can finally hand off that lingering website & marketing “stuff” that’s been weighing you down. 

Here is some examples of tasks I have incorporated into VIP days: 

✨  Redesign website pages

✨ Add a Sales Page

✨ Design lead magnets and add them to the website

✨ Integrate Email Marketing

✨ Set Up Google Analytics

✨ Create, SEO Optimise & publish blog posts to website 

You need a VIP Day if….

  • You’re Beyond Ready to Tick Off Your To-Do List:
    No more procrastination. Get those pending tasks done in one focused session.


  • You’ve Done the DIY Thing But Need Expert Help:
    You’ve tackled the basics, but now you crave professional finesse.


  • You’re Ready to Hand Tasks Over to an Expert:
    Say goodbye to the tech overwhelm and hello to your new brag-worthy online presence!
  • You Have a WordPress Site Using Divi:
    Perfect! I specialize in Divi which means I can work efficiently to get through your list of to-do’s!

  • You Need a Quick Turnaround and Can’t Wait on Waitlists:
    Time is of the essence. Skip the queues and get immediate, undivided attention for your website & marketing tasks!
  • You’re Crystal Clear on What You Want:
    You have a vision. Let’s turn it into a reality. Your clarity ensures we hit the ground running.
  • You’re Willing to Do Some Pre-work:
    A bit of preparation goes a long way. Your pre-work sets the stage for us to dive deep and accomplish wonders on the VIP day. 

What my Clients Say About their VIP Day

Jena thank you so much this looks incredible! I absolutely love it and am thrilled with the outcome!!

Nicole Forgione

Healthy Her

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